Style in landscape design - these are the specific treatment of fundamental rules and methods of planning, the coloring of the garden, the use of specific combinations of plants, the type of decoration. The selection of the style of garden depends on the special landscape features of the site - its configuration, environment, sizes and is determined by the architectural style of the house itself and its basic construction. The contemporary styles of landscape design come into contact with the stylistic aspects of the gardens of the past. The boundaries of great styles are washed away: trees grow slower than buildings, and the monuments of the landscaping design of the past that exist now include elements of different styles, and regular style is essentially absorbed by the surrounding landscape.

The history of landscape design spans more than eight millenniums. The styles of gardens, which were formed over a very long a time, similar to others skills like architecture, painting and literature -  these skills had almost mirror images of the epochs seen in landscape design. Until the 19th century the large gardens were usually created for the aristocracy and they were named after those of the ruling elite. For this very reason national and religious features, world outlook and connection to nature of the person appeared in the gardens with such force and expression.

Besides aesthetical enjoyment, landscape design exerts a positive influence on the health of man. A long life among the beauty of nature can strongly change the life and views of a person. Indeed the peace surrounding us influences the state of man as a whole; emotional and physical.

Today landscape design is a priority in the development of architecture. This branch of architecture has already existed for many years and it flourishes to this day. Today the amount of those desiring to design their property with the aid of the landscape design is always increases.

Which style of landscape design is currently popular, which one to chose? It depends on your taste and what purpose you want your site to fulfill. Even in a small area it is possible to combine different styles of landscape design, if they belong to different functional zones. For example, a lawn in front of the house can be designed using the classical regular style, and gazebos for relaxation near a pond  in the Japanese style. A path from the gates to your home can be made with precisely cut hedges. All gardens can be harmonious  and unique if it will have a style - artistic image.

But how can you orient yourself in the abundance of styles and directions? How to determine the style which will most harmoniously emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of the entire garden? There are two ways: the first, to create your own garden, trying styles until you find one that you like. The second, to turn to the professionals, and then the selection of style will be based on knowledge, professionalism and experience! Specialists of landscape design from Landscape Design and Site Planning Inc. help you to create the garden of your dream with pleasure, together we can get through the tough process of creating your garden.