Landscape design history greatly influenced today's design process and design solutions. Illustrated History of Landscape Design provides an overview of landscape design, including the iconic spaces throughout the centuries, starting from landscapes in prehistory to current trends in landscape design. Featuring hundreds of masterful, hand-drawn images, this highly visual guide illustrates how the landscape has been shaped over time in relation to human need. In a concise manner, this information helps people gain a critical perspective on how to apply historical context to contemporary design challenges.

The Ancient world, the Middle East and South Asia, feudalism in the countries of Asia, Europe in the middle ages, European countries from ХV c. - to the beginning of the ХVIII c. regular  style, the middle of the ХVIII c. - to ХIХ c. irregular style, Russia from the time preceding Peter the Great to the middle of the ХIХ c., the second - half of the ХIХ c. - beginning of the ХХ c.  have played significant roles in adding to the quality of life for people, stood the test of time and left their mark on the pages of landscape design history.