VersailleLandscape design - this name came into use during the 20th century - this is the skill of the improvement of a site, re-planting as well as the organization of landscaping vegetation, lawns, alpine garden and the use of small architectural structures. The primary task of landscape design is the creation of harmony and beauty combined with conveniences of the use of the infrastructure of the site, the combination of urban and natural features which suffer from urbanization. Landscape design can convert a gloomy place into a picturesque corner of nature, which brings happiness through its beauty, comfort and perfection.

The term landscape design means the design of an area with relief, climate, the wants and needs of the customer, architectural style of the structure which stands in this area taken into account. Landscape design is a practice which uses re-planting and improvement of different areas. In contrast to horticulture and gardening, the landscape design of a site is deprived of practical, utilitarian components; its purpose is the creation of a harmonious and comfortable living environment for people.

Contemporary landscape design - these is the organization of the surrounding space to create a specific mood, based on the traditions of design and art which connect nature and culture. Contemporary landscape design is diverse in its styles. It is based on the combination of the ideas of the designer and the needs of a contemporary person, with his aesthetical conception. It combines in itself - like a mosaic - a huge amount of designer and technological inventions, the surprising findings of different styles, this makes it possible to create many different effects. Today landscape design is accessible to almost every person. The perfect design differs for each person - it is an example of an ideal space, connected with the expression of their dream and their material prosperity and place in the world.